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white paper

The front is glossy white paper, reverse side mostly duplex cardboard, commonly used thickness is 250-350 grams, with a large white paper bag production strength, a certain weight can bloom some commodities, its general specifications It is split or full bag. White paper printability in general, can not film, and therefore, the cost is relatively low, is a relatively affordable handbags. Commonly used in the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, home appliances and other household items, play the role of landscaping and publicity. Also do commodity tag, lining and plastic packaging of the end of care and the like.

white paper

White paper is also often used by designers with aluminum foil, plastic composite made to pay Kazakhstan containers. Instead of metal containers and glass containers and packaging materials, food, milk and so on. Design selection white paper as a commodity packaging material, pay attention to the surface finish smoothness compared to white paper coated with a certain gap between advanced, precision dot image is not too high, so as to avoid the transfer of non-performing outlets, the level of losses. Compared with senior white paper jams appear rough, therefore, size is relatively small luxury goods generally should not use white paper, especially high-grade drugs, cosmetics and more not to do with the white paper is that the product packaging, and should be used in homogeneous cardboard, to enhance product quality.