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Corrugated paper three

Relations with the intensity of adverse factors

Single machine production of corrugated board how the quality, a great influence on the strength of corrugated boxes. The quality single machine products, mainly in hardness, flatness cardboard, adhesive strength and corrugator aspect effects. Production process cases show how the strength of corrugated board, containerboard and corrugated quality is certainly a factor have an impact, but the production process if not properly controlled, that is, no matter how good the paper, but also do not produce high-strength corrugated cardboard. We compare the detection and analysis laboratory found that sometimes a quantitative index value, high ring crush strength paper material, made out of corrugated board hardness, but not as good as making use of quantitative and ring crush index is lower paper corrugated board The reason, mainly:

1. No properly selected paper and paper. Corrugated cardboard and corrugated board is composed of an adhesive composition, if the moisture content level of disparity between them is too large, then, after absorbing glue and heating, stretching change the paper will also be significant differences, which is likely to result cardboard curl, decrease the strength of the carton. So, before the roll machine, it is best to detect the moisture content of the base paper, try to choose a moisture content close to the cardboard and corrugated package production, in order to prevent the emergence of cardboard curl.

2. The machine speed discomfort. If the speed of single machine too fast or too slow, the cardboard will affect the hardness and adhesion strength. Especially when the water is high base paper production speed of the machine too fast, it is easy because of warm-up time is short, and "eat glue" flute peak on short time, so that the bonding effect cardboard and molding hardness decreased. If the machine is too slow, then cardboard comparatively longer time to warm up, it is easy to become brittle paperboard, and overheated premature curing adhesive temperature will affect bonding effect, all of which will reduce the strength of cardboard. Therefore, the production speed of the machine should be based on the level of the base paper moisture content, temperature preheat area and size, etc., considering the reasonable control, in order to better ensure the quality of production of corrugated board.

3. poor adhesion. How cardboard adhesive quality, directly affects the compressive strength of the carton. Affect the quality of the adhesive, depending on the adhesive properties and operations processes, such as viscosity of the adhesive, PH value, temperature, solids content and pasting physical and chemical indicators, as well as the deployment of the operation of the adhesive. To ensure that the adhesive strength of cardboard, you must use good raw materials, according to the actual situation of production, adjusting the ratio of good adhesive, good control of mixing time, the adhesive stir, and make use of good water quality. In the production process, we should pay attention to control a moderate amount of glue, grasp the relationship between good machine speed and steam pressure, temperature and amount of adhesive is applied, prevent foaming, fake gum, degumming undesirable phenomenon, so to better improve the strength of the carton.

4. The presence of undesirable machine parts. When the corrugated roller shaft head, bearing wear or damage, resulting corrugating loose, when the difference between parallel and flute tooth damage and other phenomena, it is prone to flat flute, flute collapse, low flute, degumming, blistering and reduction of the thickness of corrugated board Quality issues. In addition, old-fashioned single machine, paper guide worn and dirty, and too large, easily beating due to the emergence of corrugated cases, caused by the phenomenon of poor adhesion and low flute and corrugating gap exists. All these negative phenomena exist, will reduce the compressive strength of the carton, which, according to the site fails phenomenon should take appropriate measures to deal with.

5. corrugating adhering impurities. When the adhesion of foreign matter on the corrugating roll flute groove, then make corrugated board is skewed shocked, shocked pour flute or collapse phenomenon, so prone to poor adhesion conditions, but will reduce the strength of the carton. In this regard, it should be shocked debris corrugating grooves clean, in order to better solve the problem.

6. improper printing pressure. Front of corrugated board using direct printing production process, if the printing pressure is too heavy, easy on the corrugated damaging effects, and the impact strength of the carton. So, that India corrugated board, you must master the appropriate printing pressure, in order to ensure the compressive strength of cartons.

In summary, the factors affecting the carton strength index is multifaceted, quality of raw materials, production equipment status, and manufacturing process control suitable or not, will affect the strength of the carton, so that a proper understanding and awareness of the situation and take appropriate measures from raw materials to the production process, be carefully controlled in order to effectively improve product quality cartons to meet customer demand.