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About corrugated paper two

Relationship between the factors and the intensity of corrugated paper

1. box shape, structure and strength of the relationship between the carton. Cartons of different structures, its compressive strength will also be different. Cartons greatest supporting force should be: in the box next to the four corners and edges of the sides. Visible, square cardboard supporting force is comparatively large number. In addition, the longer the box perimeter, the higher the altitude, the compressive strength corresponding lower; the larger open area and closer to the corner, the more drop box compression performance, so the design should pay attention to these Happening.

2. The definition of the relationship between flute-type tile, and its relationship with the carton strength. GBT6544-1999 standards in accordance with the provisions, UV-shaped corrugated board is divided into A, C, B, and E-type four.

A type of flute flute height 4.5MM ~ 5MM, flute number 32 ~ 36 units of length within 300MM; C flute type of flute height 3.5MM ~ 4MM, flute length within 300MM NUMBER 36 - 40; B flute flute high type of 2.5MM ~ 3MM, flute length 300MM the number of units within 48 ~ 52; E flute type of flute height 1.1MM ~ 2MM, flute within several units of length 300MM 92 ~ 100. A flute corrugated high and wide, so there is big corrugation said. A flute carton to withstand pressure performance worse than the plane B and C flute, but its capability to withstand high vertical pressure, so more suitable for the production of cardboard boxes containing items not withstand use more common. Number of C flute flute flute cartons high and unit length, as well as its performance, between the A and B flute, which have fine flute known for containing general items. B flute corrugated low and dense, so the vertical pressure resistance performance is poor, but a higher plane pressure resistance, so, with B flute paperboard cartons for containing bottled class food. E flute corrugated cardboard low but fine, it is also known as micro-flute. E flute cardboard with light weight, good cushioning properties, plane compressive strength and good features, is conducive to direct printing. A, C, and B three flute corrugated cardboard may also be a combination of double and triple corrugated corrugated cardboard, the strength of the carton has been greatly improved. Cigarettes, glass containers and other types of non-pressure product, in most cases, compressive strength, impact resistance and strong multi-layered structure of corrugated packaging.

3. The waveform characteristics and its relationship with corrugated carton strength. It refers corrugated corrugated waveform and its associated upper and lower top line shape. The waveform of the compressive strength of corrugated cardboard carton has a certain influence. U-shaped corrugated waveforms, V-shaped and UV shape three. U-shaped flute circular arc shape, the corrugated board cushioning, flexibility, corrugated slight deformation can recover quickly, shocked top prone to breaking. But their pressure, than V-shaped flute cardboard is poor, and the amount of core paper and a binder more. V-shaped flute triangular shape formed from straight lines flute, flute angle formed two lines intersect is 60 ?. V-shaped flute cardboard core has to use less paper and adhesives, and there is rugged good characteristics, it was significantly higher than the compressive strength of flat U-shaped flute cartons, but its shape once the compressive deformation Lenz, on difficult restitution. Compatible with the advantages of UV-shaped flute U, V-shaped, to make up for their shortcomings, can withstand high pressures, the strength of the carton has been greatly improved.

Strength corrugated packaging containers quality inspection is an important technical indicators, the level of these indicators, on the one hand reflects the degree of the merits of the quality of raw materials, it also reflects the quality of processing technology. Circumstances indicate that the production process to increase the strength of corrugated boxes, just rely on the procurement of raw materials is good enough, do quality control in the production process, but also improve the strength of corrugated boxes an important part. Therefore, the correct understanding and knowledge about the impact of the strength of corrugated case, for better production, improve product quality is of great importance.