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The differences of Hardcover book between paperback book

The cover of hardcover book or paperback book 

Hardcover book are solid cardboard covered books which may also have cloth cover along with stitches to prolong shelf life. It`s more thick.

Paperback book owning a thick paper as cover instead of a cardboard cover


The binding Of hardbound or softcover 

Hardcover books are usually bound by thread, called sewn binding, or cloth. but paperback book just are simply glued at the middle instead of stitches or cloth binding.

The durability and quality

hardcover book will be more durable, that's not to say paperback will be too flimsy, it will be strong enough to remain in good shape as long as you treat it with care. and hardcover book can be stored for a longer time.


Hardcover books used to be hard-bound and better quality of paper used than paperbacks. Hardcover are more robust. In contrast, the cover of softcover book are so flimsy, and it`s easy to be torn.

The application

the difference is that the paperback is cheap and handy, you can carry it easily anywhere whereas the hardcover is much more difficult to carry and also it can be gifted to a person, or good for library.

Some readers buy the hardcover version as collection, or just because they like it. That is why some publishers still make the hardcover version.


The price

there are so much difference in price, as a designer who often do print works, producing a hardcover book is more expensive, tricky, and take longer time. Besides printing the book content and the cover, it needs special material / paper to make the cover harder and also use better binding. While paperback only need to print the book, print the cover using art carton / usual material for cover, then bind it. It results in hardcover having higher price than paperback.