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Orient color printing, printing color Expo

At July, Bolivia government cooperates with orient color printing for printing a large number of hardcover books used for Milan Expo.

On the 22nd of July, Chinese orient color printing have delivered some of these books to the government of Bolivia, and the rest will be shipped by August.

the second secretary of Bolivian Embassy Franz · Lasarte · Escobar said that these hardcover books which are printed by orient color printing company will be used for publicizing the image of Bolivia at the Milan Expo. So, the government of Bolivia attach great importance to the quality of products and the Supply Capacity of company. At the early May ,many suppliers took part in competition of this project through the Alibaba platform. During two months, Bolivia compared to the products quality and supply abilities of these big companies, finally Bolivia gave priority to orient color printing company.printing books for Milan Expo

But how could this company get this chance? The second secretary of Bolivian Embassy explained that orient color printing is really a big company , whose strong supply ability, which can meet our delivery time. Moreover, this company owns professional production line and imported equipment that can assure that products are of high quality. that`s just the reason we chose it. As you know , at the Expo, only products which are of great quality can display the good image of a country.

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